As of July 1, 2024, Bonsai d.o.o. has been formally merged into Span d.d. Upon the registration of the merger with the Commercial Court in Zagreb, the merged company ceases to exist, and Span d.d. becomes its universal legal successor. The integration of Bonsai into Span will unify Span's software development offerings.

The website will be permanently shut down. We thank you for your interest and support over the years. For all additional information and updates, please visit and their social media channels.

Custom Development

Effortlessly support your customers and employees as your business grows

We design and deploy custom chatbot solutions which include multi-platform and multi-lingual virtual chat agents with a control desk to monitor and adjust their performance. Chatbots can be extended with AI cognitive capability to understand natural language.

In addition to supporting major languages like English, Spanish, German, etc. we have developed our NPP service that supports a wide variety of “smaller” languages, including Croatian, Slovenian and Hungarian.

Want to be in constant communication with customers and decrease employees’ workload? Why not a bot(h)?

Bots as virtual assistants can conduct conversations through chat interfaces and be in direct contact with your customers or employees.

What can we help you with?

From customer support virtual agents that can troubleshoot problems, provide information and manage tickets, to HR hiring virtual assistants that promote your company, collect data and generate reports, we deliver what best suits your business’ needs.

Bots are integrated with existing systems to acquire the necessary user or other information crucial for your business while being time and cost-effective.

They upgrade your business in terms of 24/7 availability when attaining simultaneous conversations with your customers or employees while being uniquely designed for your target users in terms of personality, tonality, and of course, tasks they are performing.

Chatbots development process

1 —

Business needs & feasibility — Defining pain points that the chatbot is solving and the value it’s bringing to users. Setting expectations and recognizing the chatbot’s limitations.

2 —

Design & functionalities — Specifying chatbot’s personality considering the brand and target audience. Determining chatbot functionalities and data that it’s collecting.

3 —

Conversational flow — Translating functionalities into user stories. Predicting possible questions and corresponding responses. Writing alternatives and different conversation endings.

4 —

Chatbot development — Implementing the flow by turning the flowchart into working code. Integrating with 3rd party business applications and testing the created chatbot.

5 —

Deployment & scaling — Deploying the solution on-premises or cloud allowing you to gain insights, supervise chatbot’s performance and adjust chatbot’s knowledge base.

Questions and Answers

Here is a list of questions and answers that may have popped up in your mind. If there are questions we didn’t consider, don't hesitate to contact us. 👋
Pretty simple, right? Works just like chatbots.

How does a chatbot answer questions?

Conversation with a chatbot usually consists of guided elements and free form inputs. In the first case, a user is presented with choices while in the other it can ask free form questions. Those questions are then processed by our language processing service that analyses the input and searches chatbot’s knowledge base for the most suitable answer.

In the case when a chatbot doesn't know the answer, it can redirect a user to a real agent or to a web place where it can try to find the answer by itself.

There are multiple options for chatbot deployment: website, email, chat app, SMS, or chat apps such as Messenger, Viber, Teams, and WhatsApp.

We can establish secure communication with your on-premise or cloud-based internal systems and databases to access necessary data. Examples of those integrations are integrations with Active Directory, SAP, SharePoint, and others.

Chatbot Control Desk is a web admin interface for chatbot’s performance oversight and adjustment of its knowledgebase.

Control Desk gives you an insight into chatbot's activity, conversations, and overall usage statistics. It is also possible to send through the interface custom notifications, interfere with ongoing conversations, adjust chatbot’s knowledge base and dialogue flow.