Finance organizations are under scrutiny and increased regulations but they have never been more important to the function of the whole economy. All the more reasons why operations must be accurate, efficient, and compliant.

Keep your customers talking

If you want to start small but firmly, AI enhanced chatbots are the right choice. They are the simplest way to upgrade your business tactics. You feed virtual assistants with the banking-specific information and they meet your customers’ needs by fast handling simple and urgent queries, such as losing a credit card.

All of our chatbots are GDPR compliant and can be molded into your organization to fit yours and your client needs.

If you want to dodge the limitations of inefficient and complex banking operations, try out our expanded RPA capabilities. As early adopters of Robotic Process Automation, banks are making good use of it within a wide range of operations, from managing customers’ transactions to delivering balance statements for an estate. RPA can execute loan underwriting as well as enhance KYC and AML compliance processes.

If you think big and long-term, you should apply some robust AI banking solution that maximally reduces the possibility for human error. Artificial intelligence can help you increase regulatory compliance and stamp out laundering and fraud. Machine learning models can calculate personalized risk or credit analysis, automate decisions, assess default risk and provide customers with pre-qualified loans in real-time.

The prerequisite for a successful predictive analytics project is having a consolidated data store (such as DWH) because machine learning follows a garbage-in, garbage-out philosophy. If you are still in the process of building a strong data foundation, AI methods can also be used in data preparation and cleansing to make the consolidation process easier.

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now one of the most frequently mentioned technologies in Model Bank nominations, with a growing number of banks deploying AI to enhance customer understanding, optimise operations, and support employees.”
— Celent, 2020

Banking customer support

89% of customers stop doing business with their BFSI company after one bad customer experience.

Even a small bottleneck can be a reason your client starts questioning your credibility.

In order to maintain people’s confidence in your company, you know your operations need to be pulled through quickly and efficiently. To prevent deadlocks from happening, we developed a thorough system of AI-based customer support.

Once your client sends an email reporting a debit card problem or just wants to find out their eligibility for a personal loan, automatic ticket classification is activated. With mutual collaboration between a chatbot, RPA, AI and sometimes still inevitable support agent, your client gets a fast reply and complete resolution.

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Customer service speed is an index of profitability