Offer your guests a personalized booking experience with a virtual concierge they could communicate on your web page or social networks that can help them make the right decision and book a stay at your hotel.

Keep a smile on visitors' face

Effective front-facing customer service is a big deal in your industry. AI chatbot can help you attract visitors and grant them a delightful vacation by addressing their demands in short notice. Seamless room service, fast check-in and easy check-out results in returning guests.

Lower the cost of booking service with robotic process automation. Fasten front desk time-consuming processes, such as processing orders, tracking payments, digitizing paperwork. Derive a single view of the guests and their transaction history.

Use the data you already have to gather insights that help you customize your deals. Analyze current and previous bookings, reviews on online channels and improve customer experience. Create personalized offers and recommendations that visitors will happily accept.

72% of hotel executives* state they have already started implementing a considerable proportion of technological innovations in their business.

* Hospitality technology, 2020

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