We give you a chance to exceed the rising number of competitors and solutions offered in the market by applying AI within business processes.

Gain a competitive advantage by becoming agile and fully customer-oriented. Employ a digital workforce to combat alongside your human one, so that together they can upgrade your business. You will straighten your workflows, obtain customers’ trust and have more time to offer desired solutions.

Finance and accounting

A majority of finance processes, from 50 to 90%, can be automated. Executing procure to pay, order to cash and record to report processes can be done in minutes. If you are not using finance process automation, now is time to start.

Key finance-related tasks, like accounts reconciliation, journal entries, and preparing financial statements get performed with minimal human intervention so your employees can pour their time into analyzing financial trends.

While humans can have a hard time spotting fraud in a large database of transactions, artificial intelligence can identify the crime in no time. AI also spots anomalies within a fast rate so potential human errors are minimized, like giving your supplier a reason to smile because of overpaying your usual order seven times.

Enterprise Customer Support

Smart organizing tickets that reach your customer support can save you high operational costs.

Apply smart ticket routing

Minimize email clutter with Rulify - a smart engine designed to manage incoming emails efficiently. This cutting-edge tool comprehends the email content and executes specified actions when specific conditions are fulfilled.

With Rulify, you can effortlessly sort emails into distinct folders. Whether it's a booking inquiry, sales lead, or customer feedback, you can focus on the most crucial messages upfront.

Rulify's advanced capabilities allow it to interpret the intentions behind your emails, analyze sentiments, and identify languages. It's ensuring each email finds its rightful destination and distributing support tickets between agents in no time.

Don’t stop with automating just ticket routing. Include a virtual assistant and RPA scripts to automate even ticket solving. Why waste agents’ time if a robot can provide all the required information and reach higher customer or employee satisfaction through instant replies?

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